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We take a balanced approach on training based on three principals:

Timing, Consistency, and Motivation.

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Timing is critical in helping your pet to understand what they did right or wrong. Based on a study done at Lackland Airforce Base, you have 1.3 seconds to influence a dogs behavior positively or negatively. Our trainers will help you work on your timing, so your pup knows exactly what they are supposed to do.





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Consistency is important because of dogs being creatures of habit. Staying consistent with your dogs will get them into a routine and quickly learn how to behave appropriately at all times. Our hard-working trainers will help you maintain the consistency they carry during your pup's time with us. 





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Motivation is our third and final principle for training. We like to compare rewarding/praising your dog to a paycheck. If you weren't getting your paycheck you would probably quit going to work. It's important to remember to give your pup appropriate paychecks for their behaviors.





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