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Dog Boarding

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No more small crate worries!

Inside is temperature controlled.

Outside is still covered and fenced for pup safety, but gives your pup access to fresh air.

Price- $30/night for the first pup,

10% off  each additional pup

We offer long stay and large family discounts, too!

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Cat Boarding

Kitties are kept inside and very happy! Don't worry your kitty will get lots of love and even monitored tree time if they want!

Price- $20/night, or $15/night if family dog is also being boarded with us 

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Need a place for your pup while your house is painted/fumigated/cleaned? Want them to just have fun while you run errands or are at work?

Let us care for them!

Price- $15 a day *Monday-Friday 



Help your pup socialize with others with our daycamp. Let them pups play!

Price- $5 a day

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Pet Bath

If you want your pup coming home fresh and clean, we will give them a bath and brushing. If you want a full grooming, be sure to schedule an appointment with our groomer.

Price- $25 to $55 *Depends on pup size

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