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Meet Our Team

Kaytln & Mia 

Kennel Techs

Mia with Hunter.jpg
Robert "Bobby" Dwyer

Bobby has always had a fascination with working dogs and a love for the outdoors. He started at a young age experimenting with training dogs for his friends and family. After high school Bobby attended Texas A&M University to study engineering and while in College Station he met Clayton Taylor, the owner and operator of Muddy Paws Retrievers. Bobby worked at Muddy Paws Retrievers and learned how to train retrievers that compete in Hunt Tests and Field Trials, as well as other hunting breeds. After spending 4 years working with Clayton, Bobby had learned everything he could about Gundogs and it was time for him to graduate. We are excited to have him, and his dogs, be a part of our team.

Wayne Buchhorn


Wayne and Robbie
Wayne and Iraqi Army

 Wayne joined the U.S. Marines in February 2008 and by October he had been selected for the Military Working Dog Program for Military Police. Wayne attended the Yuma Proving Grounds, or YPG, for deployment training in early 2010 and again in late 2011. The young Marine’s first deployment was to Afghanistan from June 2010 to January 2011. During this deployment, he was a Drug Dog Handler, meaning he assisted on ECP to prevent drugs from entering military bases. Wayne conducted multiple combat operations, and assisted in drug interdiction operations with the DEA and Afghan engagement teams to slow the movement of drugs throughout the country. From December 2011 to July 2012, he deployed for the second time to Afghanistan as an Explosive Dog Handler. His duties included assigning units such as Special Operations Team, Marine Recon, 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, 1st Battalion 8th Marines, and the 31st Georgians. He mentored Afghan police in operations, as he lead patrols in search of IEDs, to insure the safety of the men behind him. In late 2012, his time with the Marines ended, and he began work in the private canine industry with AMK9.  Wayne continued his work as an Explosive Dog Handler on various IRS sites, and in 2015 was sent to work in Afghanistan. He is currently employed by a working dog company called SOC. In his positon with SOC, Wayne works in Iraq with the American and Iraqi governments at ECPs insuring all vehicle movement through the Baghdad area is safe from bombings and various other dangers. Wayne is currently handling all training dogs, until we are able to add a permanent trainer.

Cody Barday

Training Director

Cody and Loki
Josh and Cody

Cody began training dogs in the military in 2009. While in the Marine Corps he handled a combat tracking dog and deployed to Afghanistan. After his deployment he became the head trainer of all tracking dogs aboard Camp Pendleton. Cody has numerous certifications from the U.S. Air Force and ATF for dog training. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2013, he continued his passion for dog training by attending the Tom Rose School. Here he was able to focus on  the importance of basic obedience for the average dog as well as learn more about the training of competition obedience and sport dogs. After graduating the top of his class he worked for a facility in Northern Colorado from 2014 to 2017. While he was there he trained hundreds of dogs for everything from basic obedience to competition and service dog application. He also developed training relationships with local police departments. While working with the local departments, he and Wayne were able to provide a department with a new K9. We're excited to have him as a part of our team, ensuring our future trainers maintain the highest standards with our client dogs.

Nick Aguirre


Nick and Military Working Dog
Nick and Juan

Nick grew up an animal lover and began working with dogs when he joined the United States Marine Corps in 2008. After getting selected for K9 Basic Handlers Course out of military police school he stayed K9 just about the entire 9 years he was in the military. In the Marine Corps Nick was stationed at Camp Pendleton, San Diego and MCAS Miramar, San Diego. While at Camp Pendleton Nick attended numerous K9 training courses from pre deployment training at Yuma Proving Grounds, ATF Training, and Specialized Search Dog Course (Off Leash training), and also worked elite security details such as working with the Secret Service United Nations General Assembly to provide dignitary protection for visiting generals, members of Congress and other high-ranking officials. Most of his time there he trained and handled a P.E.D.D Patrol Explosive Detection Dog in basic obedience, patrol (attack) work, basic scout (tracking), explosive detection. Nick was deployed twice to Afghanistan once with a patrol explosive detection dog in 2010 were he was attached to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and supported battlefield operations and provided area/convoy security as well as lead man in countless patrols with military working dog searching for IEDs and weapon caches. His second deployment was as the assistant program manager of all the military working dogs/contract working dogs in RC southwest Afghanistan 2012. In 2013 Nick moved bases to MCAS Miramar, San Diego. While there he attended multiple K9 courses like Train the Trainer and Kennel Masters Course. He trained and handled a P.N.D.D Patrol Narcotic Detection Dog, was also lead trainer and kennel master were he supervised, planned and conducted security procedures for military working dog teams during the 2014 MCAS Miramar Air Show. In 2018 he continued his passion for working with dogs and is currently employed as a private contractor working explosive detection dogs in Baghdad, Iraq.

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